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  • L.O.A:10.06M
  • Beam :2.60M
  • Draft:0.4 M
  • Displacement :4 T
  • Engine:1
  • Fuel:400 L
  • Fresh Water :200 L


Sailing in the cool wind, taking in the riverside scenery, and feeling the excitement from the torque are all part of the fun of sea fishing, which the people in the country have always loved as oceanic recreation. TC, therefore, has received continuous inquiries from lovers of sea fishing, tourists, and people cruising on a shared ship for a “premium recreational sea fishing speed boat” specifically developed to suit the nature of the domestic ocean. TC not only provided a ship with outstanding performance, but was also able to customize a sailing event, upgrading the level of professionalism and safety in sea fishing recreation in Taiwan with higher specs.

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