Yachting Club

A Dream about Life on the Seas

Sailing School

A Journey of Sailing the Ocean

Piloting a sailboat is an emotional attitude.

TC was known internationally in the early phases by its wooden sailboats. During communication with clients from Europe and the U.S., we were often deeply touched when we saw the content and excited smiles on the clients’ faces when they piloted a newly obtained ship back home with their family.

We believe that a sailboat is team work training for the wide open ocean; while sailing with family, friends or co-workers, only mutual trust and cooperation can complete the journey and re-establish and bond every relationship.

The TC Sailboat School was founded with the expectation to introduce the world-renowned sailboat training system of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Through the introduction of professional courses, trainees can obtain an international qualification for sailing. In addition, the provision of a professional team and hardware helps the trainees to enjoy a relaxed, joyful and educational sailboat learning experience.


38 feet sailboat for sailing international waters

23 feet famous German racing sailboat

19 feet speed boat


Small sailboat, wind surfing, yacht, heavy sailboat, water scooter, racing activities and family or company full-day sailboat experience, etc.


Service Types

    • Berth docking
    • Yacht hosting
    • Event planning
    • Boat Share