Embracing the Sapphire Blue Ocean with TC

FUN Event Plans

Providing customized event planning to satisfy all sorts of needs, like marriage proposals, birthday celebrations, and outings with family or friends.

LOHAS on the North Shore

Take a yacht to reach isolated areas, sit back and appreciate the blue sky merging with the blue waters.



Sailing along the Riverbanks

Sail along the riverbanks in the suburbs, with the sails blowing in the wind, and enjoy the Tamsui River scenery accompanied by the breeze and the sunset.



Cruising at Sunset

Take a yacht to appreciate the riverside scenery of Tamsui River and to take in the beautiful sunset, enjoying a romantic dinner in a secluded environment while the live music plays on and the cool summer night breeze blows by.


Romantic Times

Lovers or friends can take a speed boat to cruise the inner Tamsui River, passing by the Grand Hotel, Shezi and Neihu, appreciating Taipei from a different angle while enjoying quiet, intimate moments.