• We turn dreams into ships;
    Our heart is the helm, and our tenacity the oars.

    On quiet waters, we enjoy the serenity;
    On stormy waves, we discover courage.

    A sincere heart and a strong will are all it takes to go where the heart desires.

  • The story started a century ago.
    As time passed, the wooden sampans from back then evolved into fiberglass boats, yet our hearts are the same as always.故事從一個世紀前開始,經過歲月流轉,




Upcoming Events

We invite you to join us to appreciate the mesmerizing riverside scenery along Tamsui River.


LOHAS on the North Shore

Take a yacht to reach isolated areas, sit back and appreciate the blue sky merging with the blue waters, and fully experience the fun of sea fishing and delicious barbecue.




Sailing on the Riverbanks

Sail along the riverbanks in the suburbs, or go yacht skiing or jet ski racing, and enjoy a luxurious dinner accompanied by the spectacular river scenery at sunset.




Cruising at Sunset

Take a yacht to appreciate the riverside scenery of Tamsui River and take in the beautiful sunset while enjoying a romantic dinner in a secluded environment as live music plays and the cool summer night breeze blows.



The sea is yours to enjoy, with a boatful of our service.