About TC Yachts

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Our Current Standing

The sea is yours to enjoy, with a boatful of our service.

Tachou (TC) Group was founded in 1972. The brand includes two main categories of business, namely the building and selling of ships and yachts, and the yacht service club. We integrate upstream and downstream resources to provide one-stop yacht design, manufacturing, maintenance, and recreational management to satisfy the diverse market and client needs, while being devoted to expanding the culture of oceanic recreation.

TC uses high quality professional techniques and experience developed from the building of yachts, ships and sailboats, and bases its R&D in the northern headquarters and works with Ta Yang Yacht Building Co., Ltd. in the South to connect with the upstream industry clusters. This has resulted in cooperation between the North and the South with a well-formed and complete brand production line. In shipbuilding, currently the focus is on building motorized yachts measuring 33 feet and greater. We provide exclusive “semi-customised” yachts with world-renowned quality and reputation. The sales of yachts are also outstanding, serving as a channel of exchange between Taiwan and the rest of the world.

In recent years, TC has crossed over from yacht building to ocean leisure services, adding service items, such as yacht management and event planning. We depend on our solid techniques and innovative thinking to give the traditional yacht building industry a whole new look. We also make good use of our professionalism and the geographical advantage of being close to Taipei City, in the hope of pioneering an ocean leisure life for the people here in the country.

For TC, yachts symbolise a display of exquisite craftsmanship as well as a vehicle to share endless oceanic recreation. Whether for people who love oceanic recreation or for people who want to go out with their family and friends, the most important value of a yacht is to enable everyone onboard to share their joy, to bond, and to create memories.

It is the belief of TC that happy sailing can be ordinary and simple.

Our Characteristics


Shipbuilding Craftsmanship – Top-notch and Professional

TC Yachts combines traditional crafting techniques with modern technology, in compliance with international standard regulations, such as CE and ABYC, to customize ship decks and upholstery styles with solid and rigorous techniques based on different needs. All the ships that TC builds are characterized by solid structure and energy-saving features, satisfying the clients’ various needs of sailing the coastal areas and the high seas.

Appearance Design – Elegant and Eminent

In addition to having extraordinary shipbuilding techniques, TC is also a pioneer in yacht design. In the early years, TC started working with world-renowned leisure sailboat masters to create well-loved models, such as CT54, CT56 and CT65. The word-of-mouth reputation that the two parties jointly created continues to hold strong. TC also worked with the number one Australian yacht designer to develop the classic model, the Aquabay 70, to impress the shipbuilding industry with its streamlined and unique look as well as the modern and simplistic style.

Safety is a Basic, Excellence is a Must

All the ships that TC builds are certified by domestic and international ship inspection organisations, such as NK, DNV, BV and RINA, to assure that their stability, safety, and structure all meet the most rigorous standards.

It is the belief of TC that passing the international inspection is the basic guarantee that a shipbuilder should offer its clients, and that the key to sustainable development lies in the absolute recognition from the clients after testing the performance of the ships. Therefore, excellent performance is a common trait among all the TC ships. Compared with products of the same type and specs in the market, TC ships always sail with more stability and eye-catching speed.



1919 The founding period

In the beginning, the founder, Mr Chen Tian-Zhi along with his sons, among whom was the future first chairman, Mr Chen Shang-Chuan, carried their shipbuilding tools and walked from Dadaocheng on the banks of Tamsui River up north towards Keelung, down south towards the north of Nanliao, Hsinchu, and eastward towards Toucheng, Yilan, to work in the various fishing villages. The employers provided them with housing and food, and they worked mainly on building wooden sampan fishing boats. As they gradually accumulated reputation and mastery, they began to build a shipyard near Taipei Bridge, starting a small-scale shipbuilding business.

1950 The sailboat base was established.

In the 1960’s, the Korean War broke out and the American military came to station in Taiwan. Thus some Americans provided the design blueprints and transferred techniques to Mr Chen Tian-Zhi, and commissioned him to build wooden sailboats. The products were finely crafted and reasonably priced, causing a “Made in Taiwan” craze in the European and American sailboat circle. Unsurprisingly, the elegant TC sailboat models created by the Chen family have been seen frequently in all the major oceans, bringing TC into a new phase of wooden sailboats.

1969 The enterprise was formed.

Tachiao Yachts was founded, and Mr Chen Chao-Zan, the oldest son of Mr Chen Tian-Zhi was made the first chairman. The company specialised in building small yachts, with the major production line manufacturing cruiser motorized sailboats measuring from 34 feet to 65 feet. The CT brand was considered the dream model for sailboat lovers.

1972 TC Yachts was founded.

Mr Chen Shang-Chuan became the first chairman.
The focus of group development was in building motorised yachts measuring 42 feet and greater, mainly selling to Europe and the United States.

1973 Expansion of subdivision

Ta Yang Yacht Building was invested-in and founded, focusing on the manufacture of sailboats and managing the Tayana brand.

1970-1980 Development of enterprise

FRP mechanics from Japan were introduced for long-term stationed instruction, and cooperation was established with famous designers such as ROBERT H. PERRY and ALLAN WARWICK. At this moment, the northern and southern bases of the Chen family worked together, with the northern base connecting with the R&D center, and the southern base connecting with the upstream industry clusters. The production line expanded to include ships made of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), aluminium, and iron, which stimulated the successive founding of other yacht manufacturers. The company had offices in both the east and west coast of the U.S., as well as a sales net of agents in Germany and Hong Kong. During this period, the ships were made mainly to fill orders from Europe and the U.S.

1980-1990 In-depth development of the domestic market

The production line of luxurious motorized sailing yachts was started: the CT65 (SCORPIO 72) series.
Manufacture of customized ships for the domestic market was increased, mainly taking orders of practical ships, such as cruisers, sea fishing boats, transport boats, and fishing boats. The good quality and high manufacture capacity highly improved the brand awareness of TC in the domestic markets.

1990-2000 Development and building

13 patrol ships measuring 25 meters, 50 tons for Coast Guard Administration
Aluminium alloy and iron shell yachts
100-feet high-speed working speed boat series
27-meter high-speed transport boats to and from Matsu

2003 Enterprise inheritance

The family business was restructured, and general manager Chen Li-Ling took over the operation of TC Yachts.
Development and building: The Olympia 76, a luxurious motorized yacht measuring 76 feet
Yacht service operation innovated and expanded.

2007 Development and building

AQUABAY 70, a luxurious motorized yacht measuring 70 feet
26-meter whale-watching passenger ship
AQUASENSE 33, a motorized yacht measuring 33 feet

2012-2015 Development and building

The first yacht to be sold to the Mainland China market, AQUABAY 70FB, sailed directly to Mainland China
27-meter high-speed transport ship to and from Penghu

2010 – Present Expansion of services

TC crossed over from the shipbuilding area into the provision of private yacht vacation and event planning. The concept was to provide one-stop water recreation, building a brand new oceanic recreation space and territory of life.

2016 Yacht recreation service operation

TC Yacht Club will be founded.。

General Manager, Julia Chen

Worked in TC for more than 30 years, running and managing the yacht manufacturing business.

The current GM and third-generation successor of TC, Ms Chen Li-Ling graduated from Ming Chuan Three-Year Technical College and started working in various positions at the bottom level in the family business, ever since her school years. She and her sister grew up together in the factory, watching their grandfather and father run the business hands-on, cherishing every piece of material, caring for every employee, insisting on quality in every aspect, and learning, over the years, a humble philosophy of life and respect for Mother Nature. Deriving from her family education, which valued simplicity and plainness, GM Chen does not see a “yacht” as the symbol of romance and luxury in the upper society, rather as an existence that bonded the family and promoted a sound and practical lifestyle.

Although the shipbuilding industry was dominated by men, over ten years’ ago, she did fear the doubtful eyes of the outside world and took over the burden of management with determination. “I did not have time to feel scared before the ship departed,” GM Chen skipped through all the good and bad times along the way with a bright yet assertive smile. “Actually, all along I only thought of how to make the business, handed down from my grandfather and father, flourish.” GM Chen employed her feminine softness and sincerity to persuade the factory director and each and every long-time master to stay in TC during the difficult times back then, extending the family business and aggressively making breakthroughs in the yacht building industry of Taiwan at the same time. TC was, therefore, able to keep breaking the waves in the ocean with the sincere and practical attitude of the grandfather and the father onboard.

Although GM Chen has been in the shipbuilding factory for decades, she is still moved by the process in which a ship begins from scratch, goes through design, manufacturing and taking form, until the finished product is delivered. Each time she personally sees a brand new ship departing the harbor to go on its journey, she feels the responsibility and pride of a daughter of the shipbuilding factory. She takes to heart the teachings from her parents that business is built on honesty, so she cherishes every opportunity to work with a client. Keeping true to her original mission and continuously pursuing improvements and breakthroughs is the source of motivation for GM Chen to lead TC forward.


Deputy GM

Mei-Hua Chen

She worked in TC for more than 25 years, starting from the bottom in the shipbuilding factory and accumulating practical experience along the way. She is in charge of design, R&D, the ship manufacturing process and quality control inspection. Born in a reputable shipbuilding family, she has the perseverant and practical qualities specifically pertaining to the traditional manufacturing industries. She is skilled in communication with the upstream and downstream vendors and among the internal departments.

She is well experienced in sailing, growing up on the riverbanks and therefore holds a deep affection for the ocean. She took a bold move to cross over into the yacht service field because of the desire to “let more people feel the beauty of Taiwan from the ocean” and she hopes to create a richer and more fun oceanic leisure style.

Factory Director of the Engineering Department

Zhi-Fu Chen

He worked in yacht building for over 30 years, in charge of the Engineering Department. Under the Engineering Department, there are subdivisions, such as carpentry, water and electricity, FRP, factory administration, environmental safety and worker hygiene. The Department is responsible for ship manufacturing and maintenance, as well as factory management.

He began as an apprentice in the water and electricity pipeline assembly field, and gradually learned the manufacturing of the various parts of a ship along the way. Nowadays, he often discusses the engineering details with clients from Europe, the U.S. and Japan. He appears quite serious on the outside, and yet is a key person in TC.