Three generations of efforts to build the century-old business

Professional technique and practical attitude

Deriving from the traditional crafting technique and experience, and combining it with the newest technology, TC Yachts continues to develop all types of speciality models with an innovative and practical attitude, providing their clients with high-quality semi-customized ships.

So far, TC has built over 2,000 ships made of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), including all types of yachts, sailboats, fishing boats, passenger ships, research ships, patrol ships, and transport ships, earning a high level of recognition in the various international markets where the products are exported.

Using its own classic models as the base, and catering to the clients’ tastes and habits,
TC custom-builds a yacht that exclusively caters to the owner’s style.
Whether it’s for the love of sea fishing, or for the enthusiasm for water sports, or even for comfort in a vacation on the ocean, each ship can be configured with custom hardware and software, to fully construct a dream ship and the ocean life that the client envisages.




Maintenance and Repairs

After getting your hands on a dream boat, leave it to us to take good care of it.


After obtaining your dream boat, the following professional repair and maintenance is what keeps up the excellent performance and safety.
In addition to shipbuilding, TC also provides related repair, remodeling and maintenance services, including docking, ship bottom cleaning, painting, equipment calibration, interior and exterior equipment inspection and repair and remodeling of the hull.
Each remodel and repair is carefully evaluated by the TC team, and our finely tuned professional techniques will make every ship look like new and beautiful again.

Only with solid techniques can each remodel and repair demand be completely fulfilled.

The TC team has outstanding ship remodel techniques and can provide professional counselling and satisfy all kinds of ideas a client can come up with, truly turning concepts into reality.

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Taking care of your beloved ship is like taking care of your skin, regular care is necessary to keep it beautiful.

When a ship is docked, the hull is constantly eroded by rain water and sea water and, therefore, needs regular and systematic cleaning and maintenance planning to keep the hull beautiful and the machinery functional, ensuring safety for each sailing.