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A Dream about Life on the seas


A Dream about Life on the Seas

TC Yacht Service was established from an unrealized dream.

The first chairman of TC, Mr Chen Shang-Chuan and his wife, Mrs Chen (Li Yue-Lai) devoted their entire lives to the shipbuilding business and never had time to take a break. Thus, they once planned to “sail around the world after retiring”. When GM Chen Li-Ling took over charge of TC, she accidentally discovered this beautiful dream that was never realized.

In order to turn their memories of their parents into a broader practice, GM Chen Li-Ling and Deputy GM Chen Mei-Hua decided to cross over from the familiar shipbuilding area into yacht services, so that other people who also dream about sailing the oceans can have a more established and diverse oceanic recreational environment.

To provide a diverse oceanic culture, TC yacht service is divided into the Yacht Club and the Sailboat School, to integrate and connect different dimensions, such as yacht hosting, event planning, oceanic tourism, sailboat piloting, and seafaring education so that the seemingly distant yacht-life culture can naturally merge into daily life.

Service Types

    • Berth docking
    • Yacht hosting
    • Event planning
    • Boat Share